James O'Shea Wade

James O'Shea Wade

1565 Baptist Church Road
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
Phone & Fax: 914-962-4619

Editorial Services

Line Editing, Rewriting or Collaboration

I will evaluate and report on fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. I will also help put together book proposals. Special areas of interest: Military history and memoirs, general history and autobiography, intelligence and foreign policy, science and business. Fiction: thrillers and male-oriented. I do not handle illustrated books.

I will undertake work on manuscripts, helping to resolve structural problems, work on line-by-line revision and rewrites as well as (in novels) work with author on characterization, dialog, pacing, etc. I do not represent authors in submissions to or negotiations with publishers. I undertake collaboration in non-fiction only.

Since my retirement from Random House in 1996 I have worked as an independent editor and ghostwriter.

I edit books in all major non-fiction areas with the exception of certain how-to areas like cooking, etc. Roughly half of what I work on is fiction.

Ghostwriting assignments have included books on business and science as well as biography and autobiography.

I will negotiate a comprehensive fee and specify in a letter agreement what editorial or writing work I will do and when it will be completed.

Before agreeing to work on any work of fiction or non-fiction I ask to see an extensive sample of the manuscript. (I do not charge for looking over a manuscript. I ask to see it to determine whether or not my working on the book will enhance its chances of being published and to estimate the amount of time required for the editorial work, based on the type of editing I think is necessary. In the case of fiction I prefer to see the full manuscript. In all cases I ask that return postage be included with the manuscript sent to me.)

I work directly with authors, agents, and editors at a wide range of publishing houses. My particular areas of interest are: history (including military history) and biography, business and economics, science and technology. I edit all types of fiction, prepare book proposals and write editorial evaluations of manuscripts.

Since I guarantee absolute confidentiality to all authors, agents, and publishers I am not at liberty to discuss books I have worked on as an independent editor. I can mention books in which my editorial work has been acknowledged in the printed book. (Works of fiction seldom contain acknowledgments, for obvious reasons.) I will be glad to send you a list of those books in which I am acknowledged.

I can't estimate the time required for editing until I see the manuscript


Harvard College, A.B. magna cum laude, 1962


Forty years in publishing with experience in text, professional and scholarly publishing as well as general trade. Please see detailed information below. For a list of books and authors with whom I have worked, please contact me by phone or fax.

Positions Held

1982-1995  Crown Publishers, Inc./Random House, Inc.
Executive Editor, Vice President (1985-1995)
Editorial Director, Orion Books (1990-1994)
Senior Editor (1992-1985) (VP from 1988-)

1978-1982  Rawson, Wade Publishers, Inc.
Executive Vice President

1974-1978  Wade Publishing Co., Inc. Founder and President
Co-published books under imprints with The Dial Press and Dell.

1971-1974  David McKay Co., Inc.
Editorial Director and Vice President

1969-1971  World Publishing Co., Inc.

1965-1969  The Macmillan Co., Inc.
Senior Editor

1963-1965  Blaisdell Publishing Co., Inc.