Betty Kelly Sargent

Betty Kelly Sargent

5 Beekman Place
New York, N.Y. 10022

Betty Kelly Sargent is a veteran book and magazine editor who writes, co-authors and edits both fiction and general interest non-fiction such as biography, memoir, health, self-help and books of special interest to women. She specializes in creating strong book proposals, line editing and in analyzing and evaluating each manuscript to help the author make it the very best it can be. She has also become a consultant for those interested in learning about self-publishing as well as marketing their books through the Social Media. She is the coauthor of:

The Program with Kelly Traver, MD, former Medical Director of Google, worldwide, Simon & Schuster, December 2009. Paperback due August, 2011

The ‘I’ Diet: How to Harness Your Food Instincts to Lose Weight Quickly and Permanently, with Susan B. Roberts, PhD, Workman, January 2009

What Every Daughter Wants Her Mother to Know with Betsy Perry, Source Books, 2007 (the first of a series)

What Every Daughter Wants Her Father to Know with Betsy Perry, Soruce Books, 2007

Beautiful Bones Without Hormones with Leon Root M.D. Gotham Books, 2004, Paperback edition 2005

In her 30-year career in book and magazine publishing she has been:

Editor-in-Chief of William Morrow—where she acquired and edited both fiction and non fiction, ran a department of 12 trade editors, was responsible for three lists of 25 titles per year, oversaw all aspects of marketing, advertising and publicity and encouraged the editorial department to come up with 10 original titles per year.

Executive Editor at Large at Harper Collins—where she acquired and edited 15 to 20 major fiction and non-fiction titles per year, kept in touch with major literary agents and book packagers, and created many original titles.

Fiction and Book Editor at Cosmopolitan Magazine—where she supervised a staff of seven, kept tabs on the entire trade book market, found selected and edited 120 book excerpts a year (one quarter of the magazine each month), negotiated all first and second serial rights, assigned and edited 20 to 30 original articles per year which were often based on books she had excerpted, and wrote occasional articles for Cosmopolitan and other magazines. She also acquired and edited one original short story per month, as well as a monthly 25,000 word novel condensation.

CNN Live Book Reviewer—where she reviewed major, current, fiction and non-fiction on CNN's Sunday morning news program. She reviewed three books per ten-minute segment about once a month.

Senior Acquiring Editor, Delacorte Press—where ten of her titles were included in The New York Times Bestseller List. Many of her titles are still in print, including Holy Blood Holy Grail (the inspiration for The DaVinci Code) and a child-care series created with the Gesel Institute in New Haven.

Senior Acquiring Editor and Subsidiary Rights Director, Bobbs-Merrill

Senior Editor, Dell Books

The New Yorker Magazine

The authors whose work she has acquired or edited over the years include Elmore Leonard, William Goldman, John Searles, Marge Piercy, Christopher Anderson, James Purdy, Sir Martin Gilbert, Jodi Picoult, Elizabeth Winthrop, Sara Forden, Belva Plain, Rene Steinke, Carol Tavris, Neil Postman, Shana Alexander, Jane Bryant Quinn, Jonathan Fast, James Brady, James Clavell, Danielle Steel, Judith Krantz, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Jackie Collins, Robert Ludlum, Ken Follett, Pat Booth, Laurence Saunders, Cynthia Heimel, John Jakes, Jacqueline Briskin, Gail Godwin, Mona Simpson, Gore Vidal, Jospeh Wambaugh, Sidney Sheldon, Susan Isaacs, Perri Klass and Norman Mailer.


Certified Life Coach, PEC Dating/Relationship Specialist

GIA Certified Diamond Gemologist

Graduate New York School of Interior Design

Amateur photographer studying at ICP

B.A The University of Michigan, Radcliffe Publishing Course


The New York Society Library Board of Directors

The Century Association


Author's Guild

Book Table

The Independent Editors Group