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Self Publishing in 2014

Let’s discuss the present self-publishing side of things. I hate to say it but Amazon’s CreateSpace has an edge because you get an Amazon page. The toughest thing (out of many tough things) in self-publishing is finding a way to let readers know the book exists and then giving them a convenient way to buy […]

Why All Self-Publishers Need A Good Editor

“Just get it down on paper, and then we will see what to do with it,” said Maxwell Perkins, the revered editor of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway and Thomas Wolfe. If this sage piece of advice worked for them, it can work for you. Perkins is credited with having convinced the powers that be […]

Jessica Park’s eBook Success Story

Jessica Park’s June 7th post on The Huffington Post—“How Amazon Saved My Life” (picked up from the IndieReader)—may well be the rallying cry for the eBooks self-publishing movement.

Self-Publishing Do’s and Don’t’s

An excellent article about the ins and outs of self-publishing recently appeared on CNET.com. http://tiny.cc/dw7ngw It’s written by David Carnoy, Executive Editor at CBS Interactive and formerly an editorial director at a dotcom start-up. Most importantly, he wrote a novel called Knife’s Edge which he self-published against the advice of his agent, and lucked out […]

Notes on Publishing Your Book with CreateSpace

You begin by going to the CreateSpace home page and navigate from there. First, you have to become a member and accept their Agreement and Terms of Use, copies of which I have sent separately. You will be put in touch with a CreateSpace Representative who will guide you through the initial stages.  He will […]

Some Notes on Independent or Self Publishing

By Paul De Angelis It seems that every day the avenues for self-publishing increase. The first big impetus came from new print-on-demand technology, which obviated the need to print fixed quantities of books: often these ended up sitting for decades in in garage of some hapless self-published author. E-books, the current big transformative phenomenon, threaten […]

The IEG Visits the SPBE

THIS IS THE REPORT THAT BETTY SARGENT OFFERED LAST OCTOBER 3, RIGHT AFTER VISITING THE SPBE: What a difference a year makes! The Self-Publishing Book Expo yesterday at the Sheraton New York Towers was great, unlike last year. If you are interested in seeing who was there and what they were talking about just go […]

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