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Notes on Publishing Your Book with CreateSpace

You begin by going to the CreateSpace home page and navigate from there.

First, you have to become a member and accept their Agreement and Terms of Use, copies of which I have sent separately. You will be put in touch with a CreateSpace Representative who will guide you through the initial stages.  He will generate a proposal outlining costs for the preparatory stages of  a book—cover and interior design, copyediting, make-ready for printing (and conversion to eBook format for Kindle.) They take care of getting ISBN, copyright registration (they will allow you to do both of these things on your own if you wish.)

They are essentially in the business of making trade paperbacks in a selection of trim sizes. They will make a hardcover for you but it will be expensive and you essentially order them for yourself. And do whatever distribution you can manage.

You can have your own imprint on the book (ie. Baptist Church Road Press). You submit your book as a Word file for text, PDF for illustrations or other graphics.

You can either use their cover design and interior design services or have a freelancer do both or either and then send them to CreateSpace.

They have a LIMITED channel for getting books to retailers, libraries, etc. mainly via Ingram and Baker&Taylor. They have standard arrangements with both. The jobbers can process orders from retailers. (I am not clear on what, if anything, they would do about a library binding.)

Your book will be on a standard Amazon page, but they also have another set-up to give you a CreateSpace ePage which can do any number of things including processing an order or providing a link to your own site, and more. See my Amazon Basics File.

There is a lot of material in the two files I am sending you. Read through it at your leisure.  I will follow-up by giving you a report, from start to finished book and comment on how the process went, the quality of their services and production.

Whether you order one book of 100, the unit price stays the same. You pay before they ship

—Jim Wade  3/20/12

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